OLADAPO Abdusalam

The 'giant of Africa' is in ‘sifia’ pain

Despite her profound status and fame

Regardless of the continuous rain

Drought in the land continue to kill and maim


The education sector is in shambles

While our future leaders dance shaku shaku

Churning out half-baked graduates

What then are the students' fates?


Primary education is crumbling

Unqualified teachers are teaching

The pupils are not listening

In a dilapidated structure called a building


Attendance in schools continue to wane

Like a population affected by a plague

What then are our gains?

Are we contented with the horrendous fame?


The curriculum is outdated

Sincerely it is outrightly outmoded

The analogue curriculum continue to drain

The potentials of the digital brains


Our secondary schools have become

A breeding grounds for truants and buffoons

Characterised by massive infrastuctural decay

Dilapidated structures with lizards having a buffet


The students roam the streets in batches

When they ought to be in classes

They become purveyor and victims of clashes

Our hopes are even in ashes


Hmm, our tertiary institutions

The ‘tearer’ of intuition

When students dress in cloaks of indecency

Like people in a strong relationship with lunacy


If you are not seated in the front pews

My guy, that period in class is in ruins

Receiving lectures in over-stretched classes

By tonnes of over-populated masses

Sex-for-mark trade has been normalised

Prostitution is on the rise

Cultism is on the rampage

Decency and modesty are underrated


Academic calendars are crippled by strikes

By student unions, ASUP, NASU and ASUU

Who compete with the god of thunder

When he unleashes thunder in abundance


Fees are on the rise astronomically

While students' comfortability plummet exponentially

And the students' leaders have become puppets

In the hands of authorities and politicians


Salutations to the constituted authorities

And to the legislooters and executhieves

Who benefitted from free education

Have you no sense of rumination?


We need to declare a state of emergency

As a matter of urgency

And solve all the problems bedeviling

The nation's education sector critically

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