OLADAPO Abdusalam

Slowly and steadily crept the ruthless rat
Not in the night but broad daylight
To sow a seed of discord in my heart
Robbing me of my hard-earned precious might

Looking sideways while in motion
Taking a step or two with caution
His opportunity arrived in a second-fraction
Carting away my mobile with satisfaction

And then do I come like a soldier without arms,
Rubbing my startled face with my palms,
Not believing my fatigued reddened eyes,
Breaking down into crumbles of audible wails

I the owner now in a state of trance
Uttering mumbled incoherent rants
As my happiness drowns
Like the law of diminishing returns

Imagining the scenario like a detective,
Putting myself in the shoes of the thief,
Critically interrogating those at the scene
Without a response bringing relief

Sympathizers came to my rescue
With long tales but not a single clue
Granting me a flash of hope
Which faded like a toy pulled by a rope

I tried to eat my meal
And it tasted like galled beef
I tried to offend sleep
But my heart continued to bleed

I had an optimistic dream
As the protagonist in a popular film
Who lost a diamond necklace to a thief
And was fortunate to retrieve the gem

I woke up after the dream
Praying silently for a God-sent favour
To heal my heart rupture
And restore it to a state of equilibrium

Thinking of my sojourn on social media,
How I joyfully chatted with friends and dears:
WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook
Which widens the distance from my books

The thief left many indelible marks
On my heart
Like the Yoruba tribal marks
On the face of the Old Oyo merchant

I leave the matter to God
To relieve me of my loss
And grant the offender
A severe punishment in abundance

So my pen can dance this long
To put in words against the wrong
Drifting me into the poetry world
Making these my first poetic words

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