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The 21st century is ruled by spontaneous changes which need spontaneous adjustments to keep up with it. It is what is described as the law of creative destruction. This is the situation where a carpenter, engineer, banker or any professional routine of executing his/her work could be deconstructed and restructured by an unforeseen innovation. The innovation has not come to destroy anything but has come to improve the way such professions are executed.

In Africa where innovation is seen to be moving at a slow pace compared to other continents, the effects of the creative destruction is what has continued to befall the black-skinned continent. But with the snail pace, there are still innovations worth mentioning. One of such is Oshi Agabi’s Koniku Kore unveiled at the Ted some months earlier.

However, it is noteworthy to mention the fact that all such inventions started way back in school just like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. It all started from that cubicle. It thus beacons that for our nation to move from its present state of problems, we need to stop the complaints and start creating solutions, and our various tertiary institution campuses is the perfect place to start.

Fortunately, some students are already thinking in this direction. And they are not just thinking alone, they are working towards proffering solutions to Africa’s many problems. They have certainly not become the Apple and Microsoft of this world, but even these companies started off like them. So readers, here are a few startups founded by your fellow students and are worth the lens of the media.

For the average third-worlder, data is just as scarce as water, internet and electricity. People live in doubt and ignorance. And the government, most times, bases their policies on conjectures, or at best, estimates. Facts Count, thus has come to the stage to give a blow to this monster. Information is the oxygen of the present age, and only with it can we attain true civilization.

Founded two years ago by Omolegbe Abdulmojeed who is now a graduate of Political Science, Facts Count is a survey organization driven by providing easy access to data and alternative source of income for Nigerians. They create a formal platform where opinion polls and surveys of societal, political and economic issues can be carried out.
They operate an online platform that organize and analyse surveys and opinion polls in Nigerian Tertiary institutions, while they also pay their respondents stipends as a form of reward system. Live on, the features proves how reliable and accurate their surveys are.

Through constant conduct of surveys, Facts Count is able to give accurate measurements and impartial analyses of the position of the people, customers and governed.

For students who don’t have the luxury of time to visit the market, talk more of cooking their meals (due to school activities), Adam’s Street Treats is just around the corner. The Franchise started out in 2016 as a food delivery service at the Alexander Brown Hall, University College Hospital where they serve quality and pre-ordered foods on weekends.

Adam’s Street Treats is a food franchise (restaurant and catering outfit) that offer healthy foods, drinks and snacks. As healthy eating is essential towards healthy living, Adam’s Street Treats ensure good healthy living through healthy food.

Unlike the sharwama and spaghetti like eateries, they advocate for Naija Must Eat Right. They are therefore involved in ensuring the improvement in quality health through healthy meals in Africa by the year 2030; a contribution to sustainable development.

Adams Street Treats also cater for events such as wedding parties, birthday parties, executive meetings, inductions, convocations, etc. So, on a lighter mood, oh ye sons of Adam, come into thy father’s house and be well fed (laugh out loud).

When Adam realised he and his other half was naked, well, he had to find something to cover up. That was where the concept of fashion started from. Today, it has taken different dimension with every region of the world having their unique designs. And when you talk of Vogue, Da Vincci and so on, you talk of the best of fashion designers.

With all these companies ruling their respective world, we have many of our local brands producing nothing less. One of them, is Yatira Coutoure.

Yatira Couture is a fast growing and versatile fashion brand. Our ladies need no lecture on this, but for the guys who are novice, just give your girl a treat of Yatira’s fashion and then you will understand. Need we say too much, Yatira Couture’s fashion designs birth variety of imagination.

We have been talking about Small and Medium Scale Enterprises for a while. How about the SME founded to cater for other SMEs. That is what Brandgroom is all about.

Brandgroom is a brand building and marketing firm with the ultimate purpose of helping SMEs soar. It was born out the vision to see African Entrepreneurs connect with more opportunities that could help them compete and succeed with equally bigger firms.

They involve majorly in branding consultancy for individuals and SMEs, millennial marketing and reputation management, sharing of tools, ideas and growth opportunities for the benefit of SMEs and provision for on-demand software solutions.

So if you have wanted to build that perfect and competition ready brand, Brandgroom is here to make that journey worth it.

Not all start-ups have their primary goal as profit gathering, some are for just the good of the society. Fari Africa is just one of them.

It is a group of intellectual young persons who sees the need for increased enrolment of young persons in educational institutions. They believe in a zero percent illiterate society. A society where everyone is given equal opportunity to attend school, regardless of social status.

Fari Africa focus on helping thousands of children to complete secondary school education, through provision of education, academic aids and mentorship.

In a world where humanity is fast diminishing in values, the Fari Africa team have embarked upon various projects and involve over 50 professional volunteers to make the world a better place through education.

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